Full Framed Screen Protector Installation Guide

Here is a how-to guide to ensure you can install your screen protector efficiently every time.

Materials Needed:
– Wet/Dry Wipes
– Dust Absorber / Guide Stickers
– Installation Frame

How to Install (Text Instructions):

  1. Use wet/drip wipe to clean phone.
  2. Use dust absorbing sticker to remove remaining dust.
  3. Place installation frame (recommended) on top of phone according to the imprinted text on the frame.
  4. Remove protective layer from screen protector until separated using the indicated tab.
  5. Without touching the sticky side, align and place the top of the screen protector down, making sure it falls exactly between the frame.
  6. Slowly drop the rest of the screen protector down making sure everything is in line.
  7. Tap the center of the screen protector to adhere to the screen.
  8. Remove installation frame.
  9. If air bubbles are present, use your fingers or a hard edge card to push the bubbles out towards the closest edge.
  10. Installation complete!