Tethys Glass Screen Protector For Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 11 / XR [Edge To Edge Coverage] (3 PACK)

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[3 Pack For iPhone 12/12 Pro/11/XR] Edge-To-Edge Protection – With Tethys, experience edge-to-edge protection using advanced oleophobic and hydrophobic special coating to prevent fingerprints, oil residue, liquids, sweat, or more from effecting the protection of the screen. 

Ultra-Visuals – Fully transparent and crystal clear design that is so thin you won’t even realize it’s there. Breathtaking HD visuals created by the iPhone 12 will be matched perfectly with the screen protector for an unrivaled visual experience. 

Simple Installation Kit – Installation is fast, easy, and fun. It takes only a few minutes to properly install the screen protector using a simple kit with two colored coded guidance frames depending on the model of iPhone. Finding the perfect fit was never this easy. **Note: White Guidance Frame (iPhone 12/12 Pro) and Black Guidance Frame ( 11/XR).

Full Absolute Compatibility – Absolute full compatibility with all famous and hi-tech iPhone software including: touchscreen, overall screen responsiveness, notifications, Haptic Touch Technology, facial recognition and Face ID sensors, and all other incredible functions of the latest iPhone 12 / 12 Pro. 


Tethys has created a new screen protector with unmatched visuals, compatibility, and quality for the latest iPhone 12 model. Ultra-clear visuals with special coating to prevent scratches and fingerprints. A fast and simple installation kit with 2 colored guidance frames for a perfectly centered screen protector. Plus, full compatibility with Apple’s iPhone functionality and features. Pick up a Tethys screen protector today. 

3 Multi-Pack
3 Multi-Pack of screen protectors plenty for you and family. 

Powerful Visuals
Breathtaking crystal clear clarity to provide gorgeous visual using latest iPhone 12 technology.

Install In Minutes
Install in only a few minutes to be completely protected and secure with little effort. 


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