TETHYS Ultra Series iPhone 6/6S Waterproof Case (4.7” Version) – Black

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  • Compatible with iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S ONLY
  • Proper installation of a Tethys product is important to successful use so please review the installation video
  • Read the user manual to ensure correct pre-waterproof test
  • Remove any currently installed screen protector on your phone before installation to maximizing your user experience
  • Since the case is designed to maximize waterproof protection, if necessary, use a credit card (or a similarly flat object) to toggle the ring/silent switch or manual turn on/off under iPhone setting.



Meet the Tethys Ultra Series Waterproof Case For iPhone

The Tethys Ulta in complete protection for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S, the Tethys is engineered to fully enhance your iPhone experience so you can seize the day, anyday. Complete with 360° of added protection for durability, touch-through screen for easy usage, and an ultra-slim frame for portability, the Tethys Case is designed to be more than just a case.

Secure your iPhone
With an ultra-snug frame and added corner protection [IP68 Certified Ingress Protection Rating], the Tethys iPhone 6 waterproof case does more to keep your device plenty safe while still keeping a minimal form factor.

Interaction Approved, Convenient
Our specialized scratch protector provides the maximum display resolution with no interference to touchscreen responsiveness as well as offering extra front protection.

Easy Access
Custom design keeps all your iPhone 6 6S bottons, ports and features accessible – including the Touch ID. Only work with original Apple lighting cable and Apple headphone. Not compatible the majority of non-Apple branded USB to Lightning cables.


We take pride in our workmanship and we make every effort to make the perfect case for you and your mobile device.

To Learn More about the product, Click HERE for Tips & Tricks.


1) It is hard to toggle my ring/silent switch. Tips? A: Method 1: Use the corner of a credit card, debit card, ID, or a similar commonly carried card.

B: Method 2: Follow these simple steps on your phone:

Go to settings > General > Accessibility > click on Accessibility Shortcut (at the very bottom)

Turn on Assistive Touch

Go back to the home screen > triple-click the home button > Device > click the mute/unmute bell

Note: Click the home button 3 times for the assistive home button to appear and/or reappear.

2) How do I perform the waterproof test?

A: Follow the steps below (can also be found in user manual):

Fill in the case with tissue paper and properly assemble the case without your phone.

Inspect edges and seals for cracks or dirt.

Submerge the case in 6” (inches) of water for 5 minutes.

Remove the case and inspect for water or moisture inside.

Upon contact with any additional chemical (e.g. salt-water, soap, bleach) make sure to rinse the case off with plain water.

* Click HERE for Tips and Tricks/an Installation Video

3) I just received your Ultra Case. Why does my screen become blurry right after I attach the screen protector on top of my phone?

A: It is important to note that the Ultra comes with a temporary protective film on both sides of the plastic screen protector. Please peel off both sides of the protective film before you begin installation.

4) Is the case compatible if I already have a glass screen protector on my phone?

A: No, the built-in screen protector and glass screen protector will create a barrier that is too thick. In turn, this will cause your phone’s touchscreen to become unresponsive.

5) Is this case compatible with “L Shaped” headphone or any other 3rd party headphone?

A: This case is not compatible with “L Shaped” headphones because of the increased depth when the case is equipped. The Genuine Original Apple Earpods have been tested and are recommended for use. But, it is possible that other straight-end earphones may also be compatible.

6) Do I need to re-do the waterproof test if I dropped it or bumped into a hard object?

A: Re-doing the waterproof test every time you drop or bump your case is important as a safety precaution. These events may potentially cause physical damage to your case and, therefore, compromise the original functionality.

7) Does this work with the iPhone 6?

A: The Ultra is compatible with both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6.

8) What is the best way to clean this case?

A: Use a soft dampened cloth containing a diluted soap and water mixture to wipe down your case. Subsequently, use another clean damp towel with water or paper towel to wipe off soap residue.

9) There are water bubble/water mark appears on the screen, what should I do ?

A: Use a clean dampened cloth and wipe down any built-up residue that may have formed on the screen. If necessary, apply a small amount of baby powder to the inside of the case screen and then wipe the case clean. Any remaining water should be removed from the case.

10) I am having trouble installing the lanyard because the holes are small.

A: Attach a small piece of thread to the end of the lanyard and work the thread through the two holes (located at the bottom left-hand corner). After pulling both the thread and lanyard securely through, loop a knot through the lanyard and detach the thread from the lanyard.

11) The charging port flap and the audio flap have came off from the case? What should I do?

A: An extra audio flap is included in the box. Alternatively, you may contact support at for futher assistance.

10) I lost the user manual. Where can I find another copy?

A: You can download a copy of the user manual by visiting

11) How do I sign up for the lifetime warranty?

A: Register for lifetime warranty at with subject line “Ultra 6 Lifetime Warranty” (refer to yellow notice included in box)

12) I am experiencing issues with my case. How do I contact customer support?

A: If you need additional assistance, fill out the support form at


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