Using your Tethyscase Case’s Touch Screen Underwater


There is no questioning Apple’s impact on the tech world. The company has single handedly revolutionized the way we communicate with the introduction of their smartphones and tablets. One signature feature of their devices is the innovative touchscreen.

While the technology behind Apple’s legendary screen is incredible, it does have its limitations when submerged in water with a waterproof case. First, a brief lesson on how Apple’s touch screens technology works with physiology of the human body.

The way the touch screen works is by picking up your body’s electrical current. This electrical current from your fingertips allows you to seamlessly use your device. When a surface or substance is introduced into the mix, things can get a little tricky.

Water greatly hinders this electrical current between your device and your fingertips, which is the reason why you can’t use any waterproof case when fully submerged. This unfortunate limitation does not give you access to checking emails while scuba diving or playing Angry Birds in the deep end of the pool.

The good news is you can still use your camera underwater!Apple has added additional features that allow us to use other components of their devices. You can still take pictures underwater by pulling out your camera above water and using the volume up or volume down button to snap a photo once you are submerged.

In conclusion:

– You can’t use your touch screen underwater, BUT you can still take pictures and videos with the volume buttons.

– Pull out the camera before you submerge your device in the water to take photos/videos