TETHYS Microfiber Cleaning Pad 3-Pack

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  • 3 PACK MICROFIBER PADS- 3 high quality microfiber pads to apply to your TETHYS Mop and Bucket Set ONLY. TETHYS microfiber pads provide a much deeper, more intense cleaning experience by picking up hair, dirt, dust, liquid, etc.
  • MULTIPLE FLOOR STYLES- Works on nearly every single hard surfaced floor type: Hard wood, Tiles, Bamboo, Vinyl, Laminate, Stone, etc. Any style of hard surfaced floor can be cleaned with TETHYS microfiber pads.
  • INSTALL EASILY- Installation process takes seconds and microfiber pads can be installed almost instantly. 3 hooked grooves on the ends of the pad hook into the grooves on the TETHYS Mop and Bucket set. Extra added velcro guarantees pad is secure to TETHYS mop and once attached it’s time to clean!
  • HAND/MACHINE WASHABLE- TETHYS microfiber pads can be rewashed and reused regularly which benefits the environment (unlike generic brands). After several uses, throw microfiber pads into the washing machine, or hand dry with warm water/cleaning solution, and simply air dry.
  • COMPACT SIZE- 12.5” x 5” compact size make the microfiber pads portable and allow for storage anywhere in the house, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. 


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